Sea TREK Newsletter September 2015

Sea TREK Newsletter September 2015

September 2015

Sea TREK Helps Confirm a Myth!

You may have noticed a recent statistic going around social media that claims “selfie sticks” have caused more deaths in 2015 than shark related deaths. That seems like an incredulous statistic, but needless to say “death by selfie stick” is a tragic way to go! It’s no surprise that the statistic of shark related deaths was used as the comparison– society has an endless fascination and unfortunate misconceived fear with these mysterious predators of the deep. The entertainment industry more than satiates the demands of its shark-fanatic viewers– producing everything from movies to television shows, educational documentaries to unbelievable reenactments… and even a whole week dedicated to all things shark– also known as Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”
Shark Week has gained such extreme popularity that this year Discovery Channel added an additional weekend of feature shows – appropriately named the “Shweekend.” As part of the Shweekend lineup, the mad scientists of the hit show MythBusters took it upon themselves to test a longtime myth that has been passed around fishing communities for generations. The myth says that if a dead shark were towed behind a fishing boat, the smell of the shark would deter other sharks from eating the fisherman’s catch. In order to test the myth, MythBusters’ hosts, Jamie and Adam, planned to release a “shark repellent” to see if it would dispel a feeding frenzy of hungry Caribbean Reef Sharks.

Long time Sea TREK operator and well known business in the dive community, Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, hosted the MythBusters crew for their test dive off the southwest shore of New Providence Island in the Bahamas.
Jamie and Adam were more than prepared for their dive with the sharks, and eagerly awaited their dip into the tumultuous water. Jamie was equipped with scuba gear, a full-face Aga mask, chainmail, and of course his iconic black beret, while Adam used a Sea TREK helmet fitted with a two-way communication device between himself and Jamie. Adam was keen to try Sea TREK, adding that since he would be able to wear his glasses he could actually see what Jamie was doing!
After a careful descent with the assistance of safety divers Gigi Merlusca and Anwar Godet, the MythBusters duo set foot in the impressive Shark Arena– a beautiful site on the edge of the “Tongue of the Ocean” drop off, brimming with vibrant reef and abundant fish. World-famous shark whisperer, Stuart Cove, was there to greet Jamie and Adam as the team set to work; the first task– attracting the sharks! Using a bait box of mixed fish guts, Stuart Cove expertly attracted more than a dozen hungry Caribbean Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks. With the sharks in a frenzy, Jamie cut open a balloon containing the “essence of dead shark” and released the putrid liquid into the water. Nearly instantaneously, the sharks were gone! It was the exact reaction Jamie and Adam hoped to achieve. The “shark repellent” worked so well, that the team decided to give it a second try to insure the first test was not a fluke.

Again, the bait box was filled and the sharks began to return to the arena. As the darting, hungry sharks grew in numbers Jamie prepared to release the essence. The balloon was cut and scent released; within seconds the sharks dispersed. “That was a very specific reaction…it was instantaneous… the sharks were shimmering to get the freak out of the way!” exclaimed Adam. Within 90 seconds the sharks were completely gone, and it took another 6 minutes before they cautiously returned. With two tests complete, and the exact same outcome, Jamie and Adam declared the myth “CONFIRMED!”
Both the MythBusters and Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas crews were all smiles during the shoot. “Having the opportunity to work with them and see how the myths are planned and figured out was great,” says Liz Parkinson, Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas’ Manager of Underwater Productions, “they are professionals who know how to have fun, but create a relaxed, productive environment… We all really enjoyed the opportunity to work with MythBusters and the Discovery Channel, and be a part of Shark Week 2015.”

If you missed the episode, you can a catch a glimpse of the action here:

TripAdvisor Features

TripAdvisor is the website that most people visit before they go on a trip. It allows travelers to read other customers’ reviews before they choose their destinations, accommodations and activities. Most businesses in the tourism industry maintain TripAdvisor accounts in order to reach large audiences through firsthand reviews and recommendations. 

TripAdvisor has wonderful features that can enhance marketing efforts and increase revenue. Because so many people visit TripAdvisor as they plan their vacations, it is really important to create and maintain your business’ TripAdvisor page. We recommend you upload images, keep contact information up-to-date, and most importantly, respond to customer reviews. Additionally, TripAdvisor has rolled out a new feature that allows people to easily book a tour (or hotel, etc.,) right from the TripAdvisor website. 

To take advantage of this new feature you will need to Log in to your TripAdvisor Business Page, click on Viator Market Place for Online Bookings and create a Viator account. As you can see in the mock up below, this new feature will help your business stand out, and make booking your tour extremely convenient.

TripAdvisor also has a really simple way to reach out to customers after they have visited your location. From your Management Center click Review Express and choose Create Email. Follow the steps and send an email to your customers requesting they leave a TripAdvisor review for their recent experience. People love to share their stories, but many times forget or don’t take the time. A simple reminder email to your guests practically guarantees that you will get more reviews for your TripAdvisor page, increasing your ranking and overall visibility on the website. This TripAdvisor feature is a proven method to enhance your marketing efforts and effectively utilize the email addresses collected on the Sea TREK Participant Record & Liability Release Form.

New features are constantly being added to TripAdvisor Business. Keep an eye out for more terrific tools coming soon!

You’re Never Too Old to Try
Something New!

Sea TREK St. Maarten recently hosted one of the world’s oldest TREKKERs. At the age of 93, Mr. Sean Rallis visited St. Maarten on a cruise with his granddaughter. Mr. Rallis was not about to be left on land when his granddaughter opted to take a walk beneath the sea, in the warm Caribbean ocean. We can only imagine how memorable it must have been to share such a unique experience, side-by-side, with his granddaughter.
The world has significantly changed since 1922, but one thing remains the same, and that is Mr. Rallis’ sense of adventure.
Mr. Rallis joins two other men, both 93, in a tie for the world’s oldest TREKKER. The previous record holders participated in Sea TREK at Discovery Cove Orlando and Sea TREK Cayman.
Cheers to another record on the books!

Reef Alliance Reminder

Our annual Reef Alliance cleanup was on September 19th. We will be selecting this year’s Reef Alliance Award winner soon. Please submit your photos and data by October 12th to

We have already received some excellent material, including this video from Sea TREK Aruba who was the 2014 Reef Alliance award winner. We look forward to seeing all of our operators’ efforts.

Keep your Sea TREK Helmets Looking Great


Reminder: Sub Sea Systems is providing replacement helmet decals at no charge. If you have helmets with no decals, damaged decals or decals that are peeling off, you’re eligible for replacement decals! 

Please send your request to, along with photos of the helmets with damaged or missing decals.

If you have rectangular domed decals please verify that they are intact and in place. There has been ongoing adhesive problems with the rectangular Sea TREK logo decals on the front and back of the helmets. Sub Sea Systems has found a solution that addresses multiple factors. An expert in the adhesive label industry and SSS have partnered to create new Sea TREK domed decals that uses a special type of permanent marine adhesive. 

In addition to the updated adhesive, the logo design for the decal on the back of the helmet is now the linear style Sea TREK logo. The narrower design of the decal, along with correct placement on the helmet, will ensure that the decals are not susceptible to damage from being bumped against other helmets while staged at the water entry point. 

We require all Sea TREK helmets to have proper branding, with decals that are fully intact and in good condition. Please take advantage of this opportunity and keep your Sea TREK helmets looking great.


Sea TREK Sponsors a Football Club!

Sea TREK is the proud sponsor of the TREKKERS a recreational football club in Cozumel, Mexico. The talented players are comprised of staff members and Sea TREK Guides from the local Sea TREK operations – Jeanie’s Beach Club and Chankanaab Park. We wish the team best of luck this season!

Welcome to the Family

Sea TREK is proud to announce our newest locations:

Sea TREK at Norwegian Cruise Lines’
private island, 
Harvest Cay
Belize — Opening 1st quarter 2016

Sea Actions Curacao 
Boca Sami, Curacao — Now Open!

Sea TREK with Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim
Busselton Jetty & Exmouth, Western Australia
— Now Open!


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