Sea TREK Newsletter May 2015

Sea TREK Newsletter May 2015

May 2015

Christina Cindrich — host of AWE’s Global Passport — visits Sea TREK Cayman



Christina Cindrich, host of AWE’s Global Passport, may just have the world’s most enviable dream job– traveling the world, participating in exotic animal encounters, trying adrenaline pumping tours, eating diverse foods, and constantly waking up in different, beautiful cities. Wow! Thankfully, Christina is generous enough to share her work so we can live vicariously through her adventures. Recently, one such adventure lead her to the picturesque Cayman Islands, and Sea TREK Cayman had the pleasure of hosting her for her first ever underwater walk!

Christina learned about Sea TREK through a Pinterest search when she was preparing for her Cayman Islands trip– “it was the first time I had ever seen anything this unique, especially underwater.” This inspired her to incorporate Sea TREK into the episode. Christina also reveals she “was a mermaid in another life”– so she could not pass up the opportunity to indulge her inner-mermaid and try this magical underwater experience!

Chris Lucas, Manager of Sea TREK Cayman, and Kurt Randolph, Sea TREK Guide, accompanied Christina and her cameraman on the tour. Christina admits her “adrenaline was pumping” as she entered the water and climbed down the ladder to the ocean floor, but says “it was all feelings of excitement!” She recounts her first steps in this new world and says “I felt like a kid in a candy store… you can see my reaction in the video…. it is seriously one of the coolest experiences — breathing normally and talking while submerged that far underwater! It’s so peaceful down there and the water is so clear, you can see everything.” 

Vibrant, curious fish put on a fantastic show for Christina as they darted back and forth in front of her helmet lens. A friendly turtle even made his way through the dive site – “this was my favorite part,” says Christina, “it was incredible to see this beautiful creature swimming gracefully in its natural habitat. It was amazing.”

The Sea TREK staff also put on a show, as they entertained their guests with crazy tricks, flips, o-ring bubbles and more– “those guys are such pros!” says Christina. 

When asked how this experience compares to other water activities, Christina shares, “I’m so in love with the underwater world. I literally plan my shoots around the craziest water experiences I can find. Sea TREK is definitely at the top of the list…. you don’t have to do anything, but just effortlessly enjoy your surroundings. I’ve told so many people about it and I can’t wait to experience it again!” 

After the show aired, Sea TREK Manager Chris says they’ve had “countless guests sign up for the tour after seeing it on TV… It’s very cool to hear people say they saw the program and just had to do it…our guys work so very hard to make this a great tour, and for it to be showcased like this makes us very proud.” 

So now it’s your turn to kick back, turn the volume up, and immerse yourself in the remarkable underwater world of Grand Cayman. 


A big thanks to Christina Cindrich, the AWE Global Passport team, and Sea TREK Cayman for sharing this Sea TREK experience!

See This, Skip That: Aruba

Gabe Saglie, Senior Editor of Travelzoo, recently contributed an article to the online travel section of ABC News sharing his opinion of what to do (and what to skip) when visiting the tropical island destination of Aruba. Gabe reveals an inside tip to his readers, sharing details about De Palm Island – the “only all-inclusive option in Aruba.” He suggests visitors “check out Sea TREK,” which he describes as “a unique underwater experience that gets high marks for its specialty equipment: unique diving helmets that offer a wide view of the underwater life. No swimming skills are necessary, since you’re sent walking in near zero-gravity along a custom walkway located 20-feet below the surface.” He tells readers you’ll even have a chance to “feed tropical fish and snap pictures of a sunken Cessna.”

For Gabe’s complete list of what to see and what to skip in Aruba, check out the full article here

Odysea Aquarium in Arizona is
breaking ground — LIVE


Odysea Aquarium — due to open July 2016 in Scottsdale Arizona — is breaking ground. They have created a construction cam to watch the progress. Next summer guests will be able to Sea TREK in the desert!

Clear Lounge is Open in Cozumel, Mexico  


Clear Lounge — the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar — is OPEN! Carnival Cruise’s port, Puerta Maya, in Cozumel, Mexico — is home to the first location. The exciting new experience is receiving a lot of attention from locals, tourists, social media and press.

All over the world people are talking about Clear Lounge CozumelFrom News stations such as NBC and FOX, to the Associated Press and Times Square, the news about this innovative, engaging, and novel activity is spreading. 

Underwater ballroom dancing, magnet board messaging, underwater Jenga tournaments and photo booth selfies are just part of the fun in this one-of-a-kind adventure.  

If you have not heard about Clear Lounge we recommend checking out the website at and Clear Lounge Cozumel’s website at  

To see more exciting news, and keep up-to-date on all of Clear Lounge’s events, be sure to follow Clear Lounge on social media! 

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Sea TREK Spain featured on Canarias Hoy

Sea TREK Spain was featured on Canarias Hoy — a local news show in Gran Canaria. Owner-operator, Filiberto Medina, does an excellent job explaining Sea TREK and taking his guest on an underwater walk. Local reporter, Isaias Santana Pérez, describes the experience as “a unique sensation…unlike anything else.”

In case you missed it… 

Did you catch that glimpse of Sea TREK in Royal Caribbean cruise line’s newest TV commercial, set to the tune of We Will Rock You?! If you missed it, here’s your instant replay… 


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