Sea TREK Newsletter July 2016

Sea TREK Newsletter July 2016

Sea TREK Opens at The Land of Legends in Antalya, Turkey!

When guests visit The Land of Legends they will be immersed in a world created by a partnership between Rixos Hotels and Dragone — one of the world’s most sought after creative directors. Franco Dragone is responsible for fantastic shows that tell stories through music, dance, acrobatics, technology and …magic. This partnership has created a completely new experience: an all-in-one entertainment complex featuring water parks, aquariums, restaurants, shopping malls, and a theme park (to be opened in 2017) that fully immerses guests in the fables and legends that inspired the park. 

Rixos World Parks & Entertainment (the name chosen for the collaboration) focuses on children and the young at heart. “The most special guests are children, so every Rixos hotel aims to create a world of wonder and imagination” — Rixos World Parks & Entertainment. The hotel’s rooms are outfitted with stylized whimsical furniture pieces and wall murals. Artistic (and even outlandish) style brightens every corner of this fantasy world. 

The property’s water park, called Aqua World, is home to a sandy-beached wave pool, a lazy river, an open-air aquarium, a dolphin show arena, tiger and penguin exhibits, 77 water slides, a Mystical Castle and more. Guests can also enjoy luxury shopping, fantastic gourmet restaurants and whimsical performances for a truly all-inclusive vacation.

And, of course, the Land of Legends would not be complete without offering its guests the opportunity to walk inside an aquarium filled with Indo-Pacific sea life. With ancient Roman theming transitioning from the hotel to the aquarium, the Sea TREK dive site is visually stunning. Colorful tropical fish, flying rays and thousands of sea creatures entertain TREKKERS at this unique site. The tank also has a large acrylic window that looks into the shark tank, and another that faces the fine dining underground restaurant, called 111

Serkan TÜFEKÇİ — SeaTREK Guide at SeaTREK’s Mythical Journey, Turkey

Sea TREK Field Operations Specialist, Keenan Mayfield, says training and installation was a success. He shares that the Sea TREK staff were very qualified and have all gone to University for degrees in diving. “The guys have bright personalities with lots of character, and genuinely care about what they do,” says Keenan. “We’re proud to welcome this new group of certified Sea TREK Guides to the worldwide Sea TREK family.”

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Discounted GoPros! 


Custom Sea TREK GoPro Helmet Mount

Sub Sea Systems is an authorized GoPro dealer and would like to extend a 10% discount  on all GoPro products.

Not sure what to buy? No problem. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started.
GoPro Starter Kit for Sea TREK Operators:
Camera: Hero4 Silver Edition – $399.99
Stats: Built-in LCD touchscreen, wifi capability, shoots in 4K, auto low light filter, no filter needed underwater, camera includes underwater housing and basic mounts
Recommended Accessories:

  • Spare batteries (at least 2) – $19.99 ea
  • Dual battery charger – $49.99
  • Anti fog inserts – $14.99
  • MicroSD cards* 
  • SD card reader 
  • GoPro 3-way (handheld grip, extender pole and tripod all-in-one) – $69.99
  • Sea TREK helmet mount for easy POV shooting (mounts right to the helmet’s lens clamp) – $49.99

*Quantity discounts and custom branded microSD cards available
GoPro Starter Kit for Personal Use:
Camera: GoPro Session – $199.99
Stats: compact cube design, single button control, very user friendly, 2 hour battery life, auto turn off feature when camera is not recording, waterproof to 30 feet (perfect for Sea TREK!)
Recommended Accessories: GoPro 3-way (handheld grip, extender pole and tripod all-in-one) – $69.99

GoPro for the PRO: This kit is for the serious GoPro advocate, and will allow you to shoot incredible 360 degree video. 
360 Rig: GoPro Omni – $4,999.99
Included Accessories:

  • HERO4 Black cameras x6
  • Software to make your 360 degree videos
  • Batteries x6
  • MicroSD card reader 

Sample 360 degree video – use your mouse to change the perspective in this incredible 360 experience

For questions or to place an order, contact

SeaTREK at Xcaret Sets a Personal Record

Xcaret eco-park, located about 1 1/2 hours south of Cancun, is home to the largest Sea TREK operation in the world. The park, which welcomed nearly 1.3 million guests last year, features a variety of experiences that are thoughtfully placed throughout an exquisitely preserved 200 acres of ocean front property. It would take several days to enjoy all the park has to offer, however some of the experiences include: a swim through an underground river, exploring a Mexican cemetery, visiting a traditional hacienda, watching an impossible Mayan ball game, wandering through an ancient archaeological site, and of course exploring the other half of the park– underwater with Sea TREK

Guests have the tough decision of choosing either Sea TREK in the open ocean or Sea TREK in a lagoon with friendly stingrays. The open water site accommodates 65 helmets and a dive trail with incredible sculptures and schools of inquisitive fish; while the lagoon site has a 25 helmet capacity and an unforgettable, close encounter with a group of Southern Stingrays. 

In 2015 Xcaret set a personal record of 127,260 combined total Sea TREK experiences for the year. (That’s nearly a 10% capture rate of the park’s total visitors!) We’re only halfway through 2016 and they are breaking records yet again. In June 2015 Xcaret hosted 10,504 guests; in June 2016 they welcomed 12,384 Sea TREK guests. That’s an 18% increase over last June. We can’t wait to see how they finish the year. 

Congratulations and thank you to the many dedicated staff members and Sea TREK Guides at Xcaret. You guys are killing it!

To give you an idea of the volume Xcaret is running, take a look at this Sea TREK time lapse video!

 Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix just released one of its new original series, Stranger Things, and we promise you, you’re not going to want to miss this. Even Stephen King is a fan– “Stranger Things is pure fun. A+. Don’t miss it.” Starring Winona Ryder and a cast of talented youngsters, Stranger Things is a sci-fi, thriller set in the 1980s. Reminiscent of movies like E.T., Stand by Me  and Goonies— Stranger Things captivates its audience as it reveals a realm of mystery, fantasy and childhood rites of passage. Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder) is a distraught, frantic Mother who is dealing with a missing child. While Joyce employs the help of the local police Chief, her missing son’s friends embark on their own mission to solve the mystery. During their quest they meet a strange girl named Eleven, played by up-and-coming actress Millie Brown. With little dialog to lean on, Millie delivers a brilliant and emotive performance… and even wears a clear Sea TREK helmet in several pivotal scenes. 

Keenan Mayfield, Sea TREK Field Operations Specialist, had the opportunity to visit the Stranger Things set and work with Millie during the filming of these underwater shots. “She was incredible to work with,” shares Keenan. “After her first time trying Sea TREK in the pool, she immediately got out and screamed. I was unsure if she was scared or excited… but her scream was followed by a huge smile; she was thrilled with excitement. In the scenes with Sea TREK she showed no hesitation about getting in the small tank of water… she was a natural. And at the end of the filming, I was embarrassed, but wanted to ask her for her autograph. She’s just 12 years old, but it’s obvious she’s going to be the next big thing!” 

The entire first season (8 episodes) of Stranger Things is now available on Netflix.

 Pokémon Go for Marketing

Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm. If you haven’t heard about this augmented reality game, based on Nintendo’s Pokémon, you have been living under the sea! The game uses real world maps and locations to help you find virtual Pokémon. The goal is to catch ’em all! And, what’s even more fun is that players have to get outside and walk to find these elusive Pokémon creatures. The location of the little creatures is based on their type. The type of Pokémon determines their abilities for battle (oh yeah, you can make them fight!). Water is a location where you will find water type Pokémon such as Lapras (shown above)– she reminds us of Nessie.

Since July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go has become the highest grossing app…ever, and already the stock prices of Nintendo have more than doubled. Future plans for the app will potentially allow businesses to purchase Pokéstops and gyms, and attract users to their location. There is still so much to learn about the game, but we have discovered some really fantastic and affordable ways to attract people who are using the app to visit your Sea TREK site — potentially earning new customers.

Because smartphones touch screens do not work underwater (yet!!!), no one will be able to catch Pokémon underwater, but there is another way to draw people to your location. For less than one US Dollar you can purchase something called a lure module that attracts Pokémon (including rare Pokémon) to your area for 30 minutes. However, you have to make sure you’re near a Pokéstop in order to do this; if you do not have a Pokéstop near you, there is bound to be one very close. Niantic (the creator of the app), has said that businesses will be able to sponsor Pokéstops in the near future.

Don’t wait to start using Pokémon Go in your marketing efforts. Download it from the Apple store here and the Android shop here. If Pokémon Go is not available in your country you can keep an eye on this site to find out when the app will be available.

Little Charlie visits Sea TREK at SEA LIFE Park Manchester

Watch this absolutely FINTASTIC video of little Charlie as he experiences Sea TREK at SEA LIFE Park Manchester in the United Kingdom, and teaches us a lot of fun facts about the animals in the aquarium. We love you Charlie!

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.  Aristotle


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