Sea TREK Newsletter July 2015

Sea TREK Newsletter July 2015

July 2015

A Dolphin’s Tale

Prepare yourself for an incredible and inspiring tale about a dolphin, his loving caretakers and Sea TREK. To set the scene, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the warm, tropical humidity of the picturesque Rivera Maya in Mexico…And, imagine you speak Spanish…just kidding. But really, the story was originally in Spanish. However, for the sake and reading pleasure of our mostly English-speaking followers, we’ve translated the account.  Now, on to the story…

“The dolphin’s name is Paax –pronounced ‘paa-sh’ – it means ‘music’ in Maya,” said Jorge Rubio Gumi, Sea TREK Training Coordinator at Delphinus Riviera Maya in Mexico, “he was acting very strange. He was in this cycle every month, or month and a half, where he showed signs of decreased appetite, and was not interested in anything… not even new playmates or change of scenery.” Jorge paused, then delved into recounting a unique situation that recently occurred at the Sea TREK with dolphins facility (Dolphin TREK) just south of Cancun, Mexico. 

“The veterinarians could not find anything physically wrong with him, or any physical signs of why he was acting this way,” shared Jorge, “the trainers brainstormed different ways to gain his attention and cheer him up, and even suggested bringing him closer to the Sea TREK entry platform… but in our minds, we really didn’t think that was an option that would work. He had never been near the helmets, the helmets’ bubbles, or even Sea TREKKERs under the water.”

“Without many other options, we moved forward with the plan, although we were sure it was not going to work,”said Jorge, seemingly disheartened by his own story. 

“However to our surprise, after we moved him into the area where the Sea TREK takes place, he took the initiative by himself and swam close to guests beneath the surface, trying to interact with them,” said Jorge excitedly, “he showed curiosity and interest in the TREKKERs, and wanted to participate in the exercises…”

“That was a BIG step, because after just this one occasion his personality was back – he was renewed, he showed interest in something. He returned to being the happy, engaged dolphin we were accustomed to seeing,” concluded Jorge. 

End scene.

At Sea TREK, we often hear Dolphin TREK participants describe their underwater experience and interaction with the dolphins as life-changing, but a dolphin having a life-changing experience after interacting with Sea TREKKERs is a first. All we could think when we heard this story was “WOW! That is so cool. We have to share this with the Sea TREK community.” And thus, we bring you your smile for the day. 

We wish Paax the best and are so glad he is feeling himself again. If you’re interested in visiting Paax, and providing him some entertainment, plan to visit Delphinus Riviera Maya during your next vacation to Mexico. Special thanks to Jorge for sharing this uplifting story!  

Sea TREK Inspired One Woman to Face the Odds and Follow her Dreams

Penny Gellatly lost much of her hearing when she was 4 years old. Because of this she was restricted in many ways, including her ability to participate in water related activities. She always loved the water, and dreamed of exploring the magical world under the sea: diving to see shipwrecks, spying tiny seahorses and gazing at intricate coral reefs, but unfortunately because of her hearing loss, she could not do any of this.

In 2007 Penny and her husband traveled to St. Thomas and visited Coral World Ocean Park. When Penny saw Sea TREK she knew she had to try it. With a little coercion, Penny convinced her husband that her ears would be just fine, so they both donned their Sea TREK helmets and headed to the water entry. 

As Penny descended the ladder she had to equalize her ears a few times, but eventually cleared them and found herself walking on the sea floor — 20 feet below the surface.

Penny was fascinated.

“I could do it!!! And the sea life was amazing.
I saw so many critters and creatures in just that
open environment.”

She wanted more…

To read the rest of her amazing story click here.



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Sub Sea Systems Celebrates 30 Years


2015 marks the 30 year anniversary of Sub Sea Systems, Inc. Since its humble beginnings in 1985, the founders of Sub Sea Systems only ever had one goal in mind– share their passion for the underwater world with the rest of the world. It was this driving force that encouraged Sub Sea Systems to begin its journey in the marine leisure industry.


Between 1985 and 2002, based in a decommissioned military airplane hanger in Northern California, the company built 24 submersibles and semi-submersibles of various sizes, including the world’s first winged submersible, called the Deep Flight Aviator, capable of flying to great depths. The company’s flagship boats, the “Nautilus” line of semi-submersibles, gave passengers a glimpse into the colorful world beneath the waves. Many of these boats can still be found operating in tropical destinations worldwide, from Catalina Island in California to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

In 1987, the original founders of Sub Sea Systems made history with the invention of SNUBA® – the world’s first shallow-water, guided diving program, aimed to bridge the gap between snorkeling and scuba. Since inception, the program has introduced over 6 million people to their first breaths underwater. SNUBA can be experienced by whole families, ages 8+, at nearly 100 locations worldwide.

1999 marked another monumental year for Sub Sea Systems as the company introduced a diving system that was even more accessible than its predecessors – called Sea TREK®. Sea TREK is a radical, futuristic take on the decades old concept of a brass diving helmet. The Sea TREK helmet has an iconic look of its own; sleek curves, all white styling, large viewing lens, comfortable, ergonomic shoulder pads with an expertly calculated center of gravity. At the time, it was unlike anything the diving world had ever seen! And to make it even better, Sea TREK is not just a product, it is a guided touring program designed specifically for non-swimmers, families, couples, kids, seniors… and even people who wear corrective eye wear. Sea TREK opens the door to a mass demographic who never, in their wildest dreams, could have imagined exploring the seafloor. Over 2.5 million people, ages 8 to 93, have participated in Sea TREK – and to-date the program can be experienced at more than 40 locations on 5 continents.

In 2000, Sub Sea Systems began producing the world’s only electrically powered, chaise lounge catamaran, called FunCat. The product diversified the company’s lineup of mostly underwater activities, while offering consumers an eco-friendly alternative to jet skis and powerboats.

In 2007, Sub Sea’s founders paired up with world-renowned marine animal trainer, Eric Bogden, to form SHARKS! Interactive– a highly unique, interactive program designed to entertain, educate and dispel the misconception about sharks and stingrays through a hands-on encounter with these grand animals.

Toward the end of 2008, Mr. Bogden and Sub Sea Systems collaborated to create the world’s first interactive Sea TREK with dolphins program – Dolphin TREK®– where guests actually walk among the inquisitive dolphins, in their natural, underwater habitat. The success of Dolphin TREK lead to the development of Sea TREK with stingrays, sharks and other animal encounters. 

In 2015, Sub Sea Systems’ imagination pushed all conceivable boundaries with the introduction of its innovative Clear Lounge®– the world’s first underwater oxygen bar– where guests breathe an invigorating mix of enriched oxygen and aromatherapy scents, while playing games, shooting high-powered bubble guns, interacting with spectators on the outside, and having their photo taken in an underwater photo booth. The first Clear Lounge, operating in Cozumel, Mexico, received worldwide media coverage and recognition. Plans for future systems are currently in the works.

Sub Sea Systems is a family-owned and operated business, that prides itself on unique, accessible, educational and memorable underwater experiences. These 30 years of achievements could not have been possible without the support and encouragement from our licensees, partners, and guests who equally share our passion for the underwater world. 

We sincerely thank you, and extend a cheers to 30 years, and 30 more!

Sea TREK Testimonial Videos from Xcaret


Sea TREK at Xcaret has put together fantastic video compilations of Sea TREKKERs’ experiences. Enjoy these beautiful testimonials.


…and keep an eye out in August for our #SeaTREKsmiles campaign. We will be sharing daily Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts of our favorite testimonials and photos from TREKKERs around the world. Feel free to join in the fun and post your favorite reviews and images — with the hashtag #SeaTREKsmiles — to any of your social media channels. We look forward to seeing your customers’ #SeaTREKsmiles!

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