Sea TREK Newsletter January 2016

Sea TREK Newsletter January 2016

2015 Sea TREK Operator of the Year

Discovery Cove Orlando

Sub Sea Systems recognizes Discovery Cove Orlando as the 2015 Sea TREK Operator of the Year. Of the nearly 50 Sea TREK operations worldwide, Discovery Cove received the highest marks in all categories: tour quality, guest satisfaction, staff professionalism, conservation efforts, innovation, and overall commitment to the Sea TREK program.
The award-winning park– ranked No. 1 Amusement Park in the World by TripAdvisor– is a luxurious, tropical oasis that caters to a daily VIP list of just 1,300 lucky visitors. Individuals hoping to get their name on the list, better plan early as reservations book out months in advance.
With a reservation secured, guests can experience any number of the park’s signature experiences, including: swimming with dolphins, snorkeling with rays and tropical fish, and taking a Sea TREK (branded as SeaVenture®) underwater stroll.
SeaVenture takes place in a dedicated area in the Grand Reef® that was designed and constructed specifically for the underwater walking tour. From a colorfully enhanced 265-foot walking path, to a 21-foot acrylic panel that gives guests a face-to-face encounter with reef sharks, to a lifting mechanism and conveyor belt system for easily maneuvering helmets, and even an ADA wheelchair lift for accessibility– no detail was overlooked in the development of the site.  
SeaVenture accommodates more guests than the typical 9-helmet Sea TREK operation; with 27 helmets, three groups of 9 can be in constant rotation– one group in briefing, one entering the water and one exiting. Tours are monitored by a number of trained and certified safety divers, both in the water and on custom floating manifolds at the surface.


Beneath the surface, guests are transported to another world as they move along in slow motion, while sparkling fish flit in and out of view. A meandering path leads guests to a large panoramic window where reef sharks swim just beyond reach. Around yet another bend is a habitat teeming with beautiful lionfish, also separated by a transparent enclosure. Velvety rays and schools of fish encircle guests as they trek through the colorful reef. During the journey, each guest also has an opportunity to do one-on-one touches with friendly critters such as urchins, crabs and sea stars, while having their photo taken.

For many guests, the highlight of the experience is simply overcoming hesitations about getting in the water. And thanks to the highly professional, patient and encouraging staff, these guests are able to face their fears.

TripAdvisor member Tracey Greenwood from Manchester, UK shares, “I was very nervous and scared, but wanted to do this so much. I told the staff of my fears and was soon reassured. From the moment I stepped foot in the water, I was taken care of every step of the way.” Sara S. from Dublin says, “I was worried about the SeaVenture as I’m not a great swimmer… We all felt so safe, it’s managed very, very professionally.”

 The SeaVenture experience also lends itself as a unique way for lovebirds to pop that very special question; although some may find it challenging to hear their loved one’s response, a visual head shake ‘yes’ usually does the trick! Discovery Cove offers package deals for those planning to propose underwater. 

Discovery Cove is one of three Sea TREK locations in a tie for hosting the world’s oldest TREKKER. During the elderly gentleman’s SeaVenture experience he proudly shared he’s “93 and still diving strong!” 


With the purchase of a SeaVenture experience, guests will have the satisfaction of supporting a good cause. 5% of the proceeds are donated to the Rising Tide conservation project– a group committed to finding alternatives to wild fish collection. Recently, Rising Tide helped fund a team of researchers at the Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University. The team successfully bred and reared the world’s first yellow tang, a popular fish used in saltwater aquariums worldwide. The environmental impact of ending wild collection of yellow tang could be significant. This scientific breakthrough was possible thanks to proceeds from Discovery Cove and its SeaVenture guests!
These are just a few of the many reasons why Discovery Cove was selected as the Sea TREK Operator of the Year. Their achievement is best described through the words of one of their guest’s– “SeaVenture put an exclamation point on the satisfaction of everything!”
Discovery Cove offers daily SeaVenture tours. To learn more, visit:

  Over the Moon with Jetty’s
Underwater Walk

The West Australian | Claire Tyrrell | January 25, 2016

Most people would not look below sea level to experience what it is like to walk on the moon. But that is exactly what Sandrine Di Pasquale says it feels like to walk under Busselton jetty. Tour group Dive Busselton Jetty has brought walking dive tours to the well-known jetty, using Australia-first technology.

Ms. Di Pasquale took the plunge ahead of the tour’s official launch….

“It was amazing – there were so many different things under the water and walking around with a helmet is like walking on the moon,” she said.

Read the full article here – Yahoo News / The West Australian

Trends in Advertising for 2016


Keeping an eye on trends is very important when planning your marketing strategy. We have been keeping tabs on the most important focus areas for 2016, and have compiled a short list with some links to tips & tricks that will help you keep your business in the spotlight.

It is very important that you make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Your ranking in search engines depends on it, and the majority of your potential customers will be viewing your website on a mobile device. If your site is too slow or difficult to use, they will leave. Be sure to check out these tips for mobile website design, and remember Sub Sea Systems has an in house web designer that can offer assistance in keeping your website up-to-date. Contact for rates.

A beautiful video of Sea TREK with stingrays and Xcaret

Video is the highest viewed content across most social media platforms. Short, simple, compelling videos get the most clicks, shares, pins, and likes. With Sea TREK’s very unique experience, you should be able to create really beautiful videos that inspire people to explore the underwater world. If you are not utilizing this powerful tool you are missing a really valuable opportunity to bring in more customers. There are plenty of video editing programs and tutorials available on the web. Get started today!

    A social media post from Sea TREK Corporate

Brand Personality
Hundreds of thousands of websites pop up in the faces of your potential customers every day. Travelers and shoppers are becoming uninterested in lists of features and flashy animations. They want to know about the people behind the brand. They need to find a personality in the digital world. Create a feeling in your customer; one that highlights the positive aspects of your company in a human way. Humor, adventure, delight, and passion can be conveyed in images, body copy, social media posts and more. Make your brand reflect the people in your company, and create a real connection with your customers. Here are some examples of brand personality done right!

And…drum roll please… the number one most important advertising advice for 2016:

Create Quality Content that People Want to See!
Writing a consistent blog is the best way to captivate your target audience. Sub Sea Systems shares weekly content on its blog, “Sub Sea Systems – Our World.” Through creativity, humor, industry knowledge and experiences with unique products, SSS publishes quality content that gains more attention in the social media world every week. Even if a blog post only gets ten hits, there could be twenty tomorrow, one hundred in a week, and thousands at the end of the month. It’s a snowball effect that exponentially increases… but, only if the content you create is interesting and entertaining. Effectively sharing quality content keeps your business relevant and in the spotlight. Start writing and sharing your stories with the world!

GoPro Awards

This incredible video of an underwater encounter with a Marlin has won an award in the category of Animals & Pets

GoPro is always looking for new content that demonstrates the versatility and creativity that amateur and professional photographers capture with GoPro cameras. GoPro has an ongoing competition called GoPro awards. They are looking for photos, raw footage, and edited footage, and if your video is an award winner you will be featured on the website and receive a cash prize ($5000 for a video with edits). They award up to $5 million in prizes yearly.

Sea TREK is a really unique and memorable experience that allows opportunity for stunning video. Please get creative; capture some fabulous GoPro videos, and encourage your guests to upload and share as well. Do you need a GoPro and a waterproof case? Sub Sea Systems is an Authorized GoPro dealer. Contact for prices.

Submit Your Active Guide List

If you have not already done so, please provide a current list of your actively working Sea TREK Guides and/or Training Coordinators. We need to make sure we have the most up-to-date Guide information on record. Download the .pdf form (link below) and fill in the names, ID #’s and certification levels (Guide or Training Coordinator) for all of your current Sea TREK staff. Email the completed form to or fax it to (530) 626-0113. Please submit your Active Guide List no later than Monday, February 1st.  
Download Form

** Sea TREK Dometag Offer **

Don’t miss out on this deal! Limited time offer!

Sub Sea Systems requires all Sea TREK helmets to have proper branding, with decals that are fully intact and in good condition. As offered in the past, SSS will be providing replacement decals for a limited time, at no charge. If you have helmets that require replacement decals, please send your request to, along with photos of the helmets that have damaged or missing dometags. 

Welcome to the Family

Our newest additions to the Sea TREK family:

Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don’t do it. Mark Cuban


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