Sea TREKKER girl Since 1999, SeaTREK has introduced nearly 3 million people to life beneath the sea. The ease of the system enables practically anyone, including non-swimmers, children and the elderly, to be immersed in a world previously limited to those with advanced skills or certifications. As the San Francisco Chronicle describes it, Sea Trek is

…as simple as walking and breathing, and you don’t have to know how to swim — you can even wear prescription glasses.”

The accessibility of the system meets the demands of today’s tourists who seek instant gratification, and don’t have extra time or money to invest in activities that require lengthy training or complicated equipment.

  • SeaTREK requires no previous experience
  • The entire tour takes about 1 hour
  • The only equipment involved is the SeaTREK helmet
  • The entire family can participate together
  • Guests can wear prescription glasses or contacts
  • Participants stay dry from the shoulders up – no wet hair, no runny make up!

SeaTREK has proven to be safe, easy to use, and a memorable experience that can be enjoyed by a broad range of customers. The standout program is unparalleled in the tourism market. All SeaTREK systems are available for purchase or license. An “AUR” (Automatic Unit Replacement) Program is also available at an additional fee. Under the AUR Program, sub sea systems will provide replacement parts, replacement components or assemblies that are not functioning properly or require replacement due to normal wear from proper use, throughout the term of the license.

Did you know?

  • SeaTREK operations have conducted nearly 3 million dives without a single injury claim
  • The highest volume SeaTREK operation has a record of 15,080 SeaTREK participants in one month
  • sub sea systems offers worldwide professional liability insurance coverage for its staff of SeaTREK professionals
  • Many SeaTREK guests are non-swimmers, who have had no prior experience (even in or around the water)
  • The minimum age for a SeaTREK participant is 8 years old. The oldest recorded SeaTREK guest is 93!

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