SeaTREK and sub sea systems are committed to protecting the most fragile and endangered ecosystem in the world — our coral reefs. Thousands of acres of coral reefs are affected every day through misuse and blatant abuse. At the present rate of destruction, up to 70% of the world’s coral reefs could be destroyed in the next 20-40 years.

We at Sub Sea Systems understand that our very survival is dependent on the health of our ocean reefs and marine ecosystems. Sub Sea Systems and Sea TREK proudly sponsor and promote Reef Alliance — a program that stipulates sustainable diving practices by Sea TREK operations, focusing on environmental responsibility, consumer awareness, participant education and pro-active conservation.


Reef Alliance members participate in an annual, international Reef Alliance Day shore and reef cleanup project. Since the initial Reef Alliance Day in 2009, members have recovered hundreds of pounds of debris and waste; worked with local school children to raise awareness about the harmful effects of trash in the ocean; and have rallied individuals, businesses and organizations to assist in the conservation of shorelines and reefs worldwide.

Be a part of the solution. Not part of the pollution.

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