Sea TREK Atlantis in an aquarium
SeaTREK helmet diving is offered at many locations, including inside of some of the world’s most incredible aquariums!

SeaTREK helmet diving in an aquarium is full of wonder and excitement. Because each aquarium is filled to the brim with a variety of rays, sea turtles, sharks, and fish you can expect your experience to be extremely engaging. The creatures are accustomed to human interaction, and are very responsive. Each aquarium boasts different features, for example: giant manta rays in the world’s largest aquarium, green sea turtles, or moray eels in a 300,000 gallon reef exhibit. SeaTREK helmet diving in an aquarium is incredible because the controlled environment allows guests to interact with sea life even when the weather is abysmal. For more information on SeaTREK procedures visit our SeaTREK Tour and What is SeaTREK? pages. To find SeaTREK locations that are in an aquarium please visit our Location Map.

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