dolphin trek dolphin jumping over trekkers
IMAGINE: You are about to have a dolphin encounter, but this dolphin encounter is different than anything you’ve ever experienced; it is a SeaTREK helmet dive underwater with dolphins!

You listen to a briefing that teaches you and other guests the proper ways to interact with a dolphin. You also learn some hand signals to communicate to the guide and the dolphins. After the briefing you are guided to a ladder in the water entry area. As you enter the water a high-tech SeaTREK diving helmet is placed gently on your shoulders and you immediately feel cool air as it gently blows into the helmet. You and the other TREKKERS descend one-by-one and reach the sea floor. You are astounded. The light filters in through the surface of the water 10 feet above, creating sparkling patterns. You are able to breathe normally, and are fascinated with the lightweight feel of your body as you walk and breathe underwater


You queue up behind the other guests, as you notice your guide out in front. He makes some hand signals and an enormous, magnificent dolphin shoots past you. You can feel the physical strength of the animal as the rush of current streams by. The dolphin’s tail quickly moves up and down to propel him. He swims to the surface to get air, and on cue, he swims back past you, this time corkscrewing and twirling his body. Then the trainer moves directly in front of you. He calls the dolphin to you. The dolphin slowly swims past. You reach out your hand and it slides easily across his smooth body. You look into the dolphin’s intelligent eyes, and notice that he seems to be smiling. The trainer holds his hand up to the dolphin’s nostrum, feeding him tasty fish. Then the trainer signals upward and the dolphin bursts toward the surface and leaps out of the water! You can see the splash rippling outward, and you watch as he reenters the sea like a torpedo, immediately looking to the trainer who signals another go-around. His playfulness and cleverness are very apparent in his body language.


Next, each guest has a chance to gesture a hand signal to the dolphin. You point two fingers at the dolphin in a downward motion and are so thrilled when you see the dolphin blow bubbles out of his blowhole as he sings underwater.


The trainer brings the dolphin to you. You take a few moments admiring the dolphin’s face through the clear, fog-free SeaTREK lens. Then, you pose for a photo just as the dolphin swims over and plants a big kiss on your lens! That is one photo you will always treasure!


Next the Guide places your hand on the dolphin’s dorsal fin. The dolphin begins to swim forward, walking you gently down the path to the exit ladder. It is like you are holding hands with the amazing mammal! He stops by the ladder, and as you exit you get one last look at this incredibly beautiful, massive creature. That is truly an experience you will never forget.


During the Dolphin TREK® encounter, guests use standard SeaTREK helmet diving equipment. The same SeaTREK standards and restrictions apply to the Dolphin TREK experience.

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